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After sending an SMS, a contact can reply. Dripcel will capture this reply, and categorise it into one of three types:

  1. Opt-in: If the reply contains the word yes anywhere, in any case (upper or lower).
  2. Opt-out: If the reply contains any of the words stop, delete, remove, no, opt-out, or out in any case (upper or lower).
  3. Unknown: If neither of the above two kinds are matched

If the campaign a contact is replying to has hooks setup, the reply will trigger the hooks.

Custom Reply Words

Custom reply words allow you to add extra words to check for when determining a reply's type. By default, only replies that contain the word 'yes' (in any case) count as opt-ins. You can add more words to check for by adding them to the Custom Opt-In Words field.

You could add words specific to a campaign, like callme, or for common misspellings, like yed.

Note, the words are checked case-insensitively. In other words, if you already have callme, then adding CallMe makes no difference. The duplicate word will be removed, and all will be transformed to lower case.